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G.I. Joe wasn’t exactly the biggest hit. It was a bit of a cheese fest, but all in good fun. Thanks to Transformers, movies based on toys are becoming the norm, and quite profitable at that. G.I. Joe Retaliation was an opportunity at a soft reboot that implemented the talents of the charismatic Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (Franchise Viagra), and the film certainly performed better at the box office than the original, but a third film has all but halted on development, due in large part to Johnson having a film to shoot every week for the next 15 years.

In early 2015 director DJ Caruso was attached to helm the third installment, but the film’s production never got going and Caruso moved on to direct xXx: The Return of Xander Cage. So what about G.I. Joe 3? What happened to that movie, and what might we have gotten if it hadn’t stalled. Well Collider editor Steve Weintraub had the opportunity to catch up with Caruso at the xXx premier and asked a bit about the ghosted project.

“Before I started this movie I had a couple meetings with Dwayne and the studio about what could happen with G.I. Joe. The franchise has been fairly successful, but there’s something about it that’s just not fully, fully clicking.” 

Caruso went on to say that his idea to make things click was to combine forces with the billion dollar Transformers franchise.

“Well yeah but they’re not ready to do [G.I. Joe meets Transformers] yet. That’s exactly what they should do but they’re not ready to do that because in fact the script that I was developing, the two worlds sort of collided at the end and when they read it they were like, ‘We’re not ready to do this yet.’… They will eventually collide those two worlds and it’s probably when Mr. Bay decides he’s done with Transformers.”

So that puts the kibosh on that, fortunately. As far as Caruso’s involvement in the G.I. Joe franchise, he mentioned that he would speak t Paramount after the release of xXx 3.

“It came close but I think what the studio was trying to do was reassess it and so now they’re back to the drawing board, and we’ll be talking again about it. It’s a valuable franchise—[it’s] not that they didn’t get it right, they just wanna really get it right and see if they can push it to the next level.”

So hopefully we never actually get a crossover of these two franchises, since they can’t even get things right separately. Let’s focus on making a good movie, one property at a time Paramount!

What do you guys think of the possibility for a cross over between these two? Drop a moment and let us know.