The Gambit movie has turned into the quite the spectacular disaster. Fox was all gung ho about the possibility of a Gambit standalone film starring Channing Tatum, so much so that Tatum showed up at Comic-Con this past year in a Gambit shirt taking selfies with the X-Men Apocalypse cast. Well since then it has been one mishap after another leading some to believe that this film is simply never going to happen at all. First, director Rupert Wyatt dropped out of the film, then Edge of Tomorrow and The Bourne Identity helmer Doug Liman signed on, but script development scrapped the initia October 2016 release and filming, which was supposed to start this month, has was pushed back to the end of the year. Well now the film has been removed from the slate entirely and has no scheduled release date, and Doug Liman has decided to venture off and do another project while Fox decides whether or not it wants to even bother anymore.

The problems have been mounting for this film for quite some time, stemming mostly from the absurd $180 million budget it was reported to have. After Deadpool dropped, and Fox saw what a film can do with a modest budget (Deadpool has now crossed over the $700 million mark worldwide), it became apparent that the idea of a big budget Gambit movie was no longer feasible. All in all this film never seemed like a great idea, Gambit doesn’t seem like an interesting enough character to warrant a stand alone film in general let one with a massive budget. It seemed more an excuse to get Tatum in the X-Men universe than anything else. At this point with Liman departing to do The Wall, a small scale psychological thriller, it seems unlikely we are going to get a Gambit movie anytime in the near future, and the smart money is that we won’t see one at all. It would seem the better play to introduce Gambit in an X-Men film rather than his own movie. Also there is a serious chance that with all of this nonsense, Tatum might even bow out of the role as well, which might be the smart move if they shy away from giving the character the blockbuster treatment a star like Tatum deserves.

So what do you guys think of the news surrounding the Gambit movie? Do you want to see a stand alone Gambit film? Drop a comment and let us know what you think.