Madmax Mad Max Fury Road is one of, if not the best movies of the year (Ex Machina gives it good competition), and maybe the best action movie in the last decade. George Miller returning to the franchise he made famous back in the 80’s, was a joy to witness. This beautiful 70 year old man gave us a visual feast to munch on for years to come, but what’s next? Still very early in it’s theatrical run, it’s unclear how much revenue the film will bring in. It certainly is off to a nice start making over $40 million in it’s opening weekend. Everyone who has seen the film is wondering one thing, will we get another Mad Max? George Miller may have given us a little bit of hope in a recent interview, where he discusses the possibility of coming back to this universe and making another Mad Max film. When asked if there was any progress on another installment:

We’ve got one screenplay and a novella. It happened because with the delays [on ‘Fury Road’], and writing all the backstories, they just expanded.

When asked what the next films potential title would be:

Mad Max: The Wasteland.

This is awesome! I like that title and I like that Miller already has a version of the story in play and even has a novella as well. There was some rumor about the next film (if there would be a next film) being titled Mad Max Furiosa. While that also sounds cool, and it would mean we’d be bringing back a fantastic character, The Wasteland just sound better. Miller also had a chance to touch on the story of how Heath Ledger was almost Max. Miller has been trying to get this film made for years. He first pitched back in 2001 but with 9/11 he decided it wasn’t the right time. Then again in the late 2000’s he tried again, but that’s when Mel Gibson started getting into all that trouble, so Miller postponed. It was then that Miller had started speaking with Ledger to discuss the role of Max and what his vision would be. In an interview with The Daily Beast Miller said this:

Every time Heath [Ledger] would come through Sydney, he’d call in and we’d chat about Max. He had that same thing that Mel and Tom Hardy have—that maleness, charisma, and restless energy, which you need to play a relatively still character. The world lost someone great when he went. Tom was the next to walk through the door that had that vibe.

It would have been very interesting to see Ledger as Max Rockatansky, But Hardy crushed it and gave us everything we could have hoped for. It’s a shame Ledger is no longer with us, as he was truly one incredibly talented individual, and we can always wonder what could have been. So what do you guys out in Bro Nation think of Mad Max Fury Road? Would you want to see another Mad Max movie? What do you think of the title Mad Max The Wasteland? What do you guys think of Heath Ledger almost being Max? Drop a comment and let’s start a discussion.