Comic-Con has only just barely begun and we have some incredible news thus far. Some of the best news from preview night has to be the amazing new full size character models for the upcoming Warcraft movie! JoBlo was able to get some amazing photos of the great new character models and even caught up with director Duncan Jones to get some cool insight!

Check out the photos!!!

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Now those are amazing. Warcraft has a lot of buzz surrounding it and so there is a lot of excitement for Legendary Pictures’ panel at hall H strictly because of Warcraft. The character models above are incredibly designed an have a lot of intricacies that would have any fan boy doubles over in delight.

Joblo also got a chance to ask Duncan Jones some questions .

On bringing Warcraft to the big screen:

What I suggested was, look, what makes Warcraft on a game side work so well is that players choose to be on either side and they tell the story from their perspective, so you have to be able to empathize with both sides. And my pitch was, Look, let’s tell a war story where you show heroes on both sides and how they come into conflict because of a situation that they can’t find a way to avoid. So, it really is a war story. This could not be based on Warcraft. I think the fundamentals that make it work on a story level come out of something that’s not dependent on the game it just happens to fit beautifully with what the game is.

On the accessibility for non gamers:

The film is designed to be for an audience who may not have played the game or may know nothing about the game. It’s a film and it works in its own right…I think the absolute key ingredient right from the start was to work as closely with Blizzard as we could…making sure that we kept the DNA of what made the game work and stuck to the law as much as we could. Now, there are always gonna be moments where we’re gonna have to take license to make things work in a linear narrative for the duration of a film, but we have done our absolute best, and I think we’ve been very successful in keeping to the law of Warcraft and at the same time making it accessible for people who don’t know anything about Warcraft.

On the possibility for sequels:

I really hope that the audience is gonna be out there and is gonna come out and support this film. I would love to get to do another one. There’s 11 months between now and when this film comes out. I’m hoping to sneak in a little indie/sci-fi thing before this comes out…If we had the chance to do a trilogy and do three films, I think we know, in rough blocks, what this-what those three movies would be.  It works as a standalone. It would absolutely lend itself to a continuing story for three films, because that’s how we kinda planned it out.

Check out the full interview in the video below!

This looks incredible. Warcraft actually has a shot to be the first truly great video game movie maybe ever. Jones is the right man for the job and the characters look great. We can’t wait to see this and so much more on the big screen. Hopefully we get some bold new info for the film this weekend, maybe footage and a synopsis!

So what do you guys think of the images? You excited for the new Warcraft movie? What do yu think of the Duncan Jones interview? Make sure you drop a check back for the latest Comic-Con news here at Bro Knows! Drop a comment and let’s start a discussion.