Indie Spotlight: The Death of Superman Lives; What Happened?


Just wanted to take a minute out to discuss a film that most people might otherwise disregard or never even hear about. The crowd funded Documentary The Death of “Superman Lives”; What Happened? Directed by Jon Schnepp, it’s a look into the movie that never was. When the word “Indie” is used, a lot of people can become confused, I mean what constitutes an “Indie?” Well the definition seems to evolve constantly but generally an Indie is an independently financed film wiSchnepp2th a budget under around $20 million. That being said this film being highlighted here is an uber indie that was crowd funded.


Crowd funding has been the source of much controversy.or those that may not know what “crowdsourcing” is, basically it’s a campaign commonly referred to as a “kickstarter” where fans or individuals donate money to a project that serves as said projects main source of funding. Basically fans donate to the filmmakers so they can make the movie for the fans to see. When major studio use kickstarter to crowd source or fund a movie, it just seems ridiculous. The Veronica Mars movie for instance, was a crowd funded movie made by a studio. Bro Knows has the reservation of, why pay a bunch of millionaires to make a movie? Crowd funding should be for the little guy who could not afford to fund their project without donations or funding. In this case the little guy is John Schnepp. He is a brilliant director, who has been featured previously in the film The ABC’s of Death, and also has served and directed on a lot of animated projects like Metalocalypse.



Director Jon Schnepp with Tim Burton

This time out Mr. Schnepp has dedicated his time to creating an interesting documentary about the Superman Lives film that was never made. Superman Lives is an iteration of Superman that was set to have Tim Burton direct and none other than Nicolas Cage star as the title character. With interviews with the cast and crew,and footage surrounding the failed attempt of a film, Schnepp tells the story of what could have been.


These are the types of projects that should have some light shed on them, since it’s a low budget indie documentary funded by kickstarter. If you get a chance check out the trailer below and look out for The Death of “Superman Lives”; What Happened? As it is set to drop on May 1st this year.

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