You want to know what no one is asking for? A whole cackle of Avatar sequels. James Cameron’s original Avatar is the highest grossing film of all time, and when it initially came out it was a modern marvel of scintillating visuals and perhaps the best use of 3D in any film to date. While the visuals were far ahead of their time, the story was not. The film’s plot was essentially Dances With Wolves with blue aliens. Over time, Avatar has become the butt of many a joke, or at least the sequels that have been in planning since 2009 have been their own punchline to that joke. Even today there is a large audience that shares disdain for the original film. Sure it was beautiful in every way visually, but the writing, story arc, and some of the acting wasn’t exactly Shakespearean. Well Cameron has been in the lab developing more from Pandora, the movie going public has been patiently waiting for the next installment into this potentially budding franchise. Therein lies the problem, Cameron is asking the audience, who live in the world of “What have you done for me lately?” to be far too patient, and now he’s expecting them to be far too forgiving and open to the idea of a whole slew of sequels to a film that no one talks about anymore.

That is right, we said slew of sequels, and that is because we are not just getting one or two movies as initially promised, but instead four. Yes, four Avatar sequels are in the works, with Cameron to helm them all. Cameron dropped by Cinemacon yesterday to casually announce that we are getting four new Avatar films, with the first set to hit theaters in 2018. Avatar 2 is likely to show up around Christmas of 2018, Avatar 3 around Christmas of 2020, 4 around that time 2022, and 5 in 2023. Let’s all keep in mind that initially, Avatar 2 was supposed to shoot in 2014 for a 2016 release. So while Cameron shoots off a bunch of dates, perhaps he should consider hitting the set and starting production on these things instead of hanging around conventions talking about making them.

Understanding that is one ambitious undertaking, if anyone is up for it, it’s Cameron. The technological advancements showcased in the first film will undoubtedly pale in comparison to the the next four, and it is those advancements that will beckon to viewers and certainly push box office limits. The issue is not with the visuals, but with the story. The self righteousness and the faux allegory to the nobles and savages was poorly constructed and tedious, and the idea that we may get 8 more hours of that nonsense is not super exciting. Also, when Avatar originally came out, we were not at the height of the superhero craze, and we had no Star Wars films in sight, so the stiff competition these new movies will face will likely dip into their box office returns. It’s just not realistic that these will break any records. That said these are going to be event films, that will draw crowds based on stunning visual displays and the curiosity of what new method and technology will be used.

So what do you guys think of the news surrounding all these Avatar sequels? Are you excited for all of these things? Drop a comment and let us know what you think.