Remember that found footage film from a while back? You know, the one that takes place in New York. The one that JJ Abrams produced and refused to divulge any secrets on. Cloverfield! Well after the release of that film, there was rampant speculation as to whether or not we would get a sequel. Well it appears that after 8 years, Abrams has not only confirmed a sequel, but apparently the film has already been shot and is set to release in March of this year.

10 Cloverfield Lane is the title of the new film slated for March 11th this year. Apparently Abrams is going to keep as tight lipped for this film as he did for the original, but there has been word that the teaser trailer for the sequel is actually attached to the new Michael Bay film 13 Hours, and set to release online. Paramount pictures released this exclusive statement to Collider:

“The idea came up a long time ago during production. We wanted to make it a blood relative of Cloverfield. The idea was developed over time. We wanted to hold back the title for as long as possible.”

Well they certainly held back the title for as long possible now didn’t they? What exactly does the term blood relative mean? Who the hell knows with this guy Abrams. It’s still not completely clear if this is actually a sequel to Cloverfield, if it just takes place in the same universe, or if it’s a complete bait and switch and has nothing to do with the original. Time will tell and fortunately we don’t have to wait long since is slated for March 11th release.

The film stars John Goodman, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, and John Gallagher Jr. Winstead, while promoting her film Faults, did comment on the plot of the new film saying that she plays a woman who wakes up in a cellar being held captive by a man (John Goodman), she then elaborated with the following:

“He tells me that basically the world is over outside because there’s been a nuclear fall-out. It does have similarity to Faults, in some ways, because you don’t know who’s telling the truth or who to believe. There’s a lot of, who’s manipulating who, and all of that. Tonally, it’s very different, but it has some of those same themes.”

So we are still confused how this ties into Cloverfield, all we know is that it is supposed to be a post-apocalyptic setting, and it is a “blood relative” to Cloverfield. The trailer has leaked online and it is definitely interesting, and knowing Abrams we won’t get much more info than what we have at this point. It is not found footage like the last one directed by Matt Reeves. There are tons of questions surrounding this film that we cannot wait to have answered. Guess we’ll just have to wait till it comes out in a couple of months.

Check out the trailer here:

So what do you guys think of the idea of a Cloverfield sequel? Are you still looking to see one 8 years later? What do you think of the teaser trailer? Drop a comment and let us know what you guys think?