Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do when they come for you? Well, if you’re director Joe Carnahan, the answer to that question is quit. The famed filmmaker has officially exited Bad Boys 3. According to THR, Carnahan has stepped away from the project that he was set to both write and direct, citing “creative differences” which we all know is just some blanket statement garbage, used just so both parties can save face. This is a massive blow to the third movie in the pending trilogy, and becomes another bump in the road for a movie that has seen many during pre-production.

While losing the director is not a great sign, the film still has it’s stars signed on, with both Will Smith and Martin Lawrence reprising their roles for the third installment. The studio is now officially perusing the market for available filmmakers to take the place of Carnahan, and the concern here is, who do they get? And what do they do with Carnahan’s script? And perhaps more importantly, why not just let Carnahan make the movie he wants to make, because he’s really good at what he does? So many questions and so few answers. One thing we do know, is that Carnahan is not crying over this spilled milk, as he is still set to helm the remake of The Raid, and is an active and highly sought after screenwriter who has penned scripts for Uncharted, the upcoming X-Men spinoff X-Force, and even a TV series, Narc. So this seems to be Fox’s loss.