Black mass

Recently Bro Knows spotlighted an image of Johnny Depp in his new film Black Mass. Almost as recently we touched on the trailer mania that has hit this week, with an influx of incredible trailers dropping for films like Batman v Superman, Star Wars, Tomorrowland, and Fantastic 4. Today those two stories cross paths, as we are finally blessed with a trailer for the upcoming Black Mass. Oh my, this is an incredible trailer, and Depp looks scintillatingly evil as Whitey Bulger. We finally get to see Depp step away from his zany charicatures and into a role that could mean the resurgence of his career as a serious actor.

Black Mass is directed by Scott Cooper, who is coming off of his latest film Out of The Furnace, where we saw Christian Bale and Casey Affleck turn in phenomenal performances. Cooper’s latest effort follows the real life crime boss Whitey Bulger, and his ruthless ventures into the crime world. If this trailer is any indication, then Depp could be a contender for an Oscar this year, it’s that good. Don’t believe us, well take a look for yourself.

Black Mass is now officially in my top 3 favorite trailers of the year so far just behind Star Wars and Batman v Superman. Words cannot describe how nice it will be to see Depp get back to some serious acting, and there is nothing like a good crime drama. This film has a Goodfellas vibe, and I know that kind of comparison can be damming, but it is tough not to make that connection based off of this trailer.

So what do you guys in Bro Nation think of the trailer? You excited for the upcoming Black Mass? Drop a comment and lets start a discussion.