Today is a great day! Bro Nation today we learned that Kingsman is moving forward with a sequel!!

Easily one of my favorite films of the year so far, and probably the most fun I have had at the theaters in a long time, Kingsman: The Secret Service was just plain awesome. The cast the story and the direction culminated in a surprisingly amazing movie.

kingsman 2

On top of being awesome, the movie was also a big hit at the box office. Combine all of that and it only makes sense to move forward with a sequel. Good news is the studio is smart and are moving forward with plans to add to the Kingsman universe. Fox has not technically made the formal announcement, but several sources have stated that the film is happening and will even bring back Colin Firth!

I don’t know how you bring him back exactly and I really don’t care. I just want more of this world. Taran Egerton was incredible, and the rich backstory that comes with this universe seems boundless.

Since no official announcement has been made there are no other developments to comment on at this point, but this is big news in and of itself.

So what do you guys out in Bro Nation think? Did you like Kingsman? Are you excited for a sequel? Drop a comment and let’s start a discussion!