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Everybody’s favorite new musical La La Land is making waves for tying the record for most Academy Awards nominations with a whopping 14. Damien Chazelle has successfully followed up his impressive debut in Whiplash, with a widely beloved film that has captivated audiences and encapsulated that old world Hollywood charm. Suffice it to say, for those that have seen the film, the musical numbers are a crowd pleaser and perhaps the biggest one is the opening sequence. Chazelle and crew shut down an LA freeway in the middle of the day, just to capture the spirit of Hollywood with immeasurable authenticity.

Everything from the camera work, to the choreography was incredibly designed and meticulously filmed to absolute perfection. The opening riff is a monument to rest of the film. Safe to say that to share ones displeasure with La La Land is a crime punishable by bouts of chastisement. Now we have our first glimpses behind the scenes of some of the biggest and best scenes La La Land has to offer. A slew of Instagram posts share some BTS footage from key scenes in the film. Check out all the BTS footage below and enjoy!

EDIT** Unfortunately the videos were removed from the Instagram account 🙁