The Revenant is picking up steam fast, rolling into the Oscars as one of the favorites. With the financial, critical, and award show success exhibited by the film, the individuals behind it are receiving some much deserved attention. Most recently director Alejandro Inarritu won the Director’s Guild Award for bes Director. This could very well be a sign of things to come for the Oscars, or maybe not, only time will tell. What is not surprising is the fact that the studios are clamoring for the next opportunity to employ Leonardo DiCaprio as their star in another big epic. So what could be on the horizon for Leo?

Deadline is now reporting that Paramount pictures has won the bidding war to financially back and distribute the new film Conquest. The new film is written by The Revenant writer Mark L. Smith, and has Leo attached as the lead. There is next to nothing known about the project, other than it was a highly sought after concept script that will pair The Revenant duo in a new epic. Given the success of The Revenant, it’s not shocking that there was a bidding war to obtain the rights to the film.

What we do know is that Conquest is it may not actually be DiCaprio’s next film, but Paramount is backing a different project of his, which pairs him with his The Departed helmer Martin Scorsese in a film titled The Devil In The White City, which is a based on the novel written by Erik Larson, surrounding Dr. H.H. Holmes, a notorious Chicago Serial killer and Daniel H. Burnham, the man who constructed the 1893 World’s fair. This will follow Scorsese’s upcoming Frank Sinatra biopic, titled Sinatra. Scorsese’s passion project Silence is also set to release later this year, and will likely be an Oscar contender. Still no official word on a synopsis for Conquest, and nothing is technically official regarding Leo’s shooting schedule either so we suppose Conquest could actually be his next picture, only time will tell. For right now, we’re sure Leo just wants to focus on the Oscar race, and revel in the success of his latest feature.

What do you guys think of the news regarding Conquest? Are you excited to see Leo’s next movie? Drop a comment and let us know what you think.