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Oh politics, you are one polarizing topic. Anyone who has been holding out hope for President Trump and his administration is either completely deflated, or supremely ecstatic over the events of the last week. Either way, the current political climate is ripe for parody. Hollywood stands ready and able to exploit fears of the fascistic stylings of dictator in the makings. Enter the script for Little America, a dystopian action film from writer/director Rowan Athale. The film was recently picked up by Universal amidst a bidding war. The synopsizes the script as a alternate reality (kinda) where in the future a narcissistic president has demolished the American economy and our countries moral standing to a degree where China makes America a protectorate as a result of crippling debt. In this world, a former soldier is asked by a Chinese billionaire to go into one of America’s more dangerous areas to retrieve his missing daughter.

As you read that description to yourself or aloud, try to overcome that sinking nauseous feeling in the pit of your gut and the small voice in your head that points out how close we are getting to this potential “alternate reality” and just appreciate how cool it actually sounds, as a strictly fictional premise. Universal was drawn to the picture for it’s blunt political subtext that relates to our current climate, but they were also interested in the fact that Michael Bay and his Platinum Dunes label are producing the film. The story evokes a similar amusing atmosphere that has been sorely missed in hollywood lately. Big dumb fun action films are few are far between at this point and it’ll be nice to see a Escape From New York style film again.