The Shamhammer is at it again! M. Night Shyamalan has made a brand new film and the trailer has released. The hammer has had an incredibly strange and enigmatic career. Were talking about a guy that has gone from the top of the world, to eating out of the proverbial garbage. The Sixth Sense was a genre bending phenomenon, then came the slighty less solid Signs, then a slew of absolute garbage most recently capped off with the Will Smith led After Earth. Movie studios even stopped letting Shyamalan’s name show up in their marketing campaigns, that’s how bad it has gotten for this poor fella. All that said, Blumhouse pictures actually gave this guy some money to make his newest story into a film. Why did Blumhouse do that you ask? No idea, maybe they were just really bored with cranking out low budget horror successes and wanted to see how funny it would be for the hammer to bomb a movie that only costs 4 million to make.

From the above trailer it’s tough to determine of this is a strictly found footage horror, or something other worldly. There is no question that the hammer will have some kind of ridiculous twist waiting for us that explains everything (like the old couple are going to just be puppets or something stupid like that). It’s hard to keep an open mind with this guy after movies like The Happening, and The Village. The trailer doesn’t feel like a classic Shyamalan movie, which is a good thing. In fact the trailer looks like a straight up B horror movie.

The trailer isn’t necessarily bad, but it’s also not exactly interesting. It is very vanilla, as is it’s title. The original screen title for this one was supposed to be Sundowning. Not sure if that’s a great title, but at least it is more interesting than the current The Visit, which sounds like the aforementioned The Happening (awful) or The Village (awful). Below is a brief synopsis for the film. I can’t say I’m too thrilled for this one since the Hammer is writing and directing, and he has done everything to prove that he’s not very good at either of those things, but hey maybe this will be the one to finally pull him out of the compost heap from which he currently resides

Things appear normal until two children discover that Nana and Papa (Deanna Dunagan and Peter McRobbie) are involved in something deeply disturbing after being left to stay at their Grandparent’s house while their mother is on vacation. They’re warned not to come out of their room past 9:30 at night, but when they do they realize that there’s something terribly wrong with their grandparents. After pleading online to Mom for rescue, they realize that they’re on their own against the seemingly insane elders.

So what do you guys out in Bro Nation think of the trailer? You a fan of the Shamhammer? Drop a comment and let’s start a discussion!