If you follow Bro Knows on twitter (and if you don’t, why the hell not?) then you probably have picked up on the overall geeked out fandom we have for Mad Max Fury Road. With a slew of tweets regarding the upcoming Fury Road, We have been promoting the film a lot lately. The reason why is simply because we truly believe that this is going to be the best movie this summer. Want to know how we came to that conclusion? Well we are happy to share it with you.


Have you seen the original Mad Max or Mad Max The Road Warrior? If you haven’t, no worries, it’s not required to enjoy the new film, but it will likely heighten your excitement levels if you have. Why is that you ask? Because Mad Max The Road Warrior is one of the best movies ever created. That’s not hyperbole, that is the opinion of Bro Knows. It might not catch everyone, but if you’re love fast paced gritty adrenaline rides, then the Mad Max franchise is everything you’re looking for. Believe it when we say it will be worth it to treat yourself with the first two films that the genius George Miller created in this franchise.


George Miller is coming back to the big screen!!! As mentioned before Miller is the creator and director of the original films. It is the opinion of Bro Knows that George Miller is a freaking genius. Miller has put together some of the most exquisitely vivid action sequences ever seen on film, and Fury Road promises to be all of his grandest designs brought to fruition. This is a 70 year old man directing these high flying acrobatic stunts and these large sweepingly choreographed sequences. Were talking about a film that never stops moving from start to finish, and a 70 year old man was in charge of the fast paced atmosphere. That all may sound a bit ridiculous when said aloud, but who cares because Miller is a mad genius and we can’t wait to see what he has cooked up for us.


The cast is just really really amazing. Tom Hardy alone would have sold the film. Then you add Charlize Theron and Nicholas Hoult and you create a perfect storm of awesomeness that whirlwinds into absolute exhilaration. Tom Hardy is easily one of the best actors of our generation. From last years Locke, to Inception, and even going back as far as his performance in Bronson, Hardy is a one of a kind talent that is sure to leave you locked in for 2 hours all by himself (Locke was just him alone in a car for god sake!). Then of course there is the unrealistically gorgeous and equally talented Charlize Theron. Fury Road will help to wipe away the memories of A Million Ways To Die In The West, Where Theron coupled with Seth MacFarlane, and the result was a not so entertaining goof fest. Outside of that, Theron has been amazing and stunning in everything she touches. Seeing her with Hardy and looking as intense as we’ve seen her since Monster, is just awesome. Nicholas Hoult is a young man who gets better with every role he takes. Coming a long way from Jack The Giant Slayer, Hoult has been a staple in the X-Men franchise, and showed serious talent at a young age in About a Boy.


The Marketing for this film has been perfect. I mean between the posters and the trailers and the music, it is clear we are in for an unbelievably demented and electrifying experience. The posters alone make us want to line our walls with them! Some of the best movie posters we have seen in years, how can they not get you excited?! The trailers have become increasingly exciting, doing everything the right way, you never felt bombarded, but were always made aware of this film. This is some of the best advertising we have seen. The people that marketed The Amazing Spiderman 2 need to take notes.


The reviews coming out of the premier and the press screenings are beyond great. We are talking about top tiered reviews across the board, currently Rotten Tomatoes has the film with a 98% critic rating. To put into perspective what that 98% means, Avengers: Age of Ultron (which grossed 190 million opening weekend) is currently at 74%. To dig a little deeper Boyhood (Oscar nominated) is currently at 98% as well. Now nobody here is saying that Fury Road is going to win best picture, or even get nominated, but it is still crazy to think that this film is pretty much unanimously recommended and loved by critics. So for those that sometimes need guidance when it comes to going to the movies, I think it’s safe to say that Bro Knows, among others, are trying to guide you towards Mad Max Fury Road!

For all of the reasons and so much more, Mad Max Fury Road is easily Bro Knows most anticipated film of the year (right behind that little Star Wars thing that comes out in December).

So what do you Guys out in Bro Nation think? Are you looking forward to seeing Mad Max? If you weren’t, have we done anything to convince you? Drop a comment and let’s start a discussion.

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