At this point in Hollywood it’s almost as if execs are throwing darts at a wall of properties and just saying screw it let’s make that one. Well that’s how it must have brought the Minecraft movie to fruition. For those unfamiliar with the video game, it is building sim, best described as virtual legos. Somehow this game has been licensed into a valuable IP that is coming to the big screen. The studio and producer Roy Lee are hoping this film will be a wildly popular as The Lego Movie was. In an interview with Collider, Lee talked a whole lot about Minecraft and what is on the horizon by saying “We are currently in the scripting stages.” Lee also went on to discuss how the game’s designer Mojang, has had a big hand in the development of the film by saying the following:

“The company, Mojang, is very involved in the development. So they know everything is going to be in the movie that can give us insight into future updates so we can put things into the movie around the same time they relaunch newer versions of the game and at the same time, potentially taking ideas from the movie and putting them into the game. So I don’t know exactly what things are going into the game, but they know exactly what’s going into the movie.”

So that’s all well and good, but when will we actually get a Minecraft movie anyway? Well we do know that It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Star Rob Mcelhenney is writing and directing the film, and Lee believes the film will go into production by the end of 2016.

So the question of the hours is why? Why are they making a Minecraft movie? Who are they making it for? And does this mean that literally anything can be turned into a movie? The Lego Movie was a complete surprise success so the hope is that they can duplicate it’s success here, but with the video game spanning generation in popularity, who is this movie targeting? Well I guess we’ll find out in due time. The logline from Warner Bros is below.

“Minecraft would be part of a multiverse where humans can enter that has the feel of what the live action version of a Minecraft experience.”

So what do you guys think of the comments from Roy Lee? Are you looking forward to a Minecraft movie? Drop a comment and let us know what you think.

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