Josh Trank’s upcoming Fantastic Four film seems to have created the great divide amongst movie-goers and fanboys. With so much negative press surrounding Trank and the film recently it’s tough to get a good grasp on the project as a whole. In hopes that the Comic-Con panel can drop some info to alleviate any concerns, Fantastic Four is likely to make a big media push this weekend. Ahead of the panel for the film Trank and Fox dropped a few new posters.

Check out the new posters!




Okay so these aren’t exactly Rembrandt. The posters are extremely generic cheap looking floating heads that don’t do much to sell the film. The hope is that the panel is better than the quality of these posters or this film could be in a little trouble. Fantastic Four is likely to open well if for nothing else than curiosity. The first attempt at the quad of heroes was less than stellar, so that will be a lot of people lining up hoping that this film will surpass those preceding and give us something to cheer for.

So what do you guys think about the new posters? You excited for the upcoming Fantastic Four movie? Be sure to stay tuned for up to date news from Comic-Con!