hgmj2The panel for The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part II was held last night in Hall H and we have some nice little nuggets from the cast and director regarding the upcoming movie. Twitter was ablaze with quotes and information about the film. A full trailer was shown at the panel that has not hit the web yet so keep your eyes peeled to Bro Knows for the spotlight when it drops. In the mean time check out all the buzz on twitter about the film.



District 13 is in full force with this panel! Katniss and crew are ready for war against the evil President Snow and the first panel of the Con was a complete success. Bro Knows is really excited to see the full trailer and can’t wait until the movie drops later this year!

So what do you guys out in Bro Nation think of the news from the panel? You excited for Mockingjay Part II? Remember to keep checking back for update from Comic-Con. Drop a comment and let’s start a discussion.