The youngest Best Director winner in Oscar’s history has his sights set on a new project, which should have us all very excited. The La La Land leader is batting .1000 in terms of critical hits, with Whiplash opening all sorts of doors for the young director. He’s now reached the point where he can walk into a room and immediately get a film greenlit based on his attachment. So what could he be doing next? Well, apparently a biopic.

First Man is described as a unique take on the biopic genre, which will feature the life of Neil Armstrong. The film will reportedly focus on his life between 1961 and 1969, where he became the first man to step foot on the moon. Ryan Gosling is signed on to star as the famed astronaught, and Universal Pictures has announced an official release date for First Man, whlich is October 12th, 2018. The release date suggests that the film will take a similar route to La La Land and hit the large scale festivals like Telluride, Venice, and of course, TIFF. This would hopefully culminate in a theater run and then an oscar nomination, since Chazelle is two for two on nominations. Even with all of the expectations that will inherently follow Chazelle’s projects, he has remain focussed on simply making great films. He told Collider back in 2014 (that’s how long he’s been developing this project):

“I sort of hesitate to call it a biopic. It’s a mission movie. It’s purely about the landing… It will cover about six years. It’ll start with him joining NASA and will end in ’69 with the landing. So it’s purely a process movie, it’s a movie about building up to that achievement.”

Chazelle and Gosling are co-producing the film, and the anticipation is going to slowly build as more news comes out. It will be interesting to see Chazelle step away from music based productions, and into the world of biopics, but his talent seems to know no bounds.