“There is a subtle little operation I can provide that might give you a slight edge.. BIGGER BOOBS!”


A woman getting a breast enhancement is unaware her surgeon is using her in a diabolical plot to rule the world. As the new monster strapped to her chest gains power over the host, the body count starts to rise, and only true love and a hardcore double mastectomy can save the world from the evil befalling this woman’s boobs.


There are movies that come along and shock the hell out of you. Sometimes there are things that you feel you would have been better off not seeing, or you wouldn’t want to visit again, but then there are movies that leave you with your jaw on the floor, eyes wide, and trying to figure out what it is you just watched. Gregory Lamberson is the master of B-Movie horror, who struck gold with titles like Slime City and Slime City Massacre, and now Killer Rack. There is no specific way to synopsize the feeling this movie gives you, because it rounds the spectrum pretty efficiently. You will laugh, you will cry, you will be extremely confused, and occasionally afraid. This is a unique lovecraftian tale that adeptly hits the nail on the head, while feeling like a strange freakshow act that leaves you satisfyingly uncomfortable.

Following Betty Downer as she deals with the perils of flat chested-ness in the workplace and her love life. She realizes something is missing and is tired of being abused, and underappreciated by men in every facet of her existence. Betty decides it’s time to augment her reality by seeking emotional refuge in the form of larger breasts. Enter the aptly named Dr. Thulu (wink wink), the self proclaimed evil genius, who is practicing back alley plastic surgery with sinister results, in an attempt to raise hell–so she can laugh maniacally. Confused yet? Good. Betty is then “gifted” a massive set of breasts with a thirst for blood, seeking out lustful men and women to quench their undeniable hunger for flesh. 

This is one of the most absurd, and yet oddly satisfying horror-comedies of all time. There is this innate happiness associated with a song and dance number about busty women with Lloyd Kaufman, gleefully alliterating ridiculous lyrics, in the middle of the action. Everything about this film is a complete mind f*ck. With some of the most peculiar visual aides and bombastic plot points–this is a horror-comedy with an emphasis on the comedy, and make no mistake about it, this is a very funny movie. Laced with clear innuendo, Killer Rack is basically a non stop spoof of body-horror delight, with tons of riffs, including and not limited to–the aforementioned magical musical number that will have you rolling on the floor. 

The performances all serve the story pretty well. Jessica Zwolak, who plays Betty–twists between whiny, mousy and self deprecating to deliberately sinister, laughably evil, and even pulls off the mannequin like state her character happens to develop (see weekend at Bernie, if you will). It’s no easy task to embody three distinctly different personalities, while having this gaudy prosthetic attached to your chest the whole time. She gets bonus points for every minute she had those bad boys strapped on. Dr. Thulu played by cult all-timer–Debbie Rochon, is infinitely mustache twirly, and every bit as hammy as you would want out of an antagonist, in a film about evil boobs. The rest of the cast serve their purpose, and there is plenty of fun to be had. There is a detective on his last legs, haplessly ticking every box on the trope survey. His straight man partner-who is either very aloof, or just dumb. A pair of Clerks style fellas-who spend their time catcalling women with hilariously misogynistic and cliche ridden dialogue. Then finally, a lovable loser of a love interest representing the everyman, who serves as the surrogate for most male viewers. This had to be one crazy set to be on.


Context, and expectations are important to grasp the insanity of what you’re getting into–when you sit down to watch this movie. As if the title isn’t fair warning enough, this is an crazy story with some crazier thematics, and some material that could be construed as highly offensive. That said, it’s all done pretty tastefully. Lamberson is a proven commodity in the B-Movie game, and this should take no time at all to race to cult status. Most of the film will either have you laughing so hard your head will hurt, or perplexed to a degree that.. Well.. Your head will probably hurt. This is not a movie you enter into expecting sincerity or emotional depth. It’s not going to be nominated for any Oscars, but it is an absolute riot. There is a moral baseline satirically alluded to, but it’s not beating you over the head. This is mostly just some good old fashioned parody, laced with some ridiculous one liners, some gag inducing gross out effects, some extremely catchy music and a bevy of quotable dialogue. Lamberson does it again, and Killer Rack is just one devilishly entertaining piece of slapstick horror cinema.

3.85/5 Pretty Cool Bro 

Killer Rack is currently on VOD and set to release on DVD December 13th.