Happy New Year!!! 2015 was a blast and it was the start of our little operation here at Bro Knows. Unfortunately time constraints and other restrictions put a hault on operations for us towards the end of summer. We stalled out, but the goal was to never have the stoppage be permanent and to be back up and running in due time. Well at long last we have decided to re-up in the new year and make 2016, likely to be one the best for film, the year of Bro Knows. Just wanted to take some time to formally apologize for the hiatus. We hope that you will welcome us back in 2016, and allow us to be your tour guide to the world of film. There are new things coming on the horizon for Bro Knows, a few things we are looking to experiment with and hopefully everything will fall into place and allow us to accomplish all of our goals. We are looking to branch out with new media and potentially expand if we fulfill the promise of a full return with consistent content throughout 2016. We hope you’ll join us in the new year and help make 2016 a big year! Stay tuned as we will be going through our top films of 2015 in a little year in review.