THE ROGUE ONE TRAILER IS HERE AND IT IS AMAZING!! Today, the first official trailer for Rogue One a Star Wars Story officially dropped and it has us and fans everywhere extremely excited for what we are going to get come December. To Provide a full trailer breakdown we must first provide you with the trailer itself so take a look at the very first look for Rogue One below!

So much is going through our heads about this epic teaser. Firstly we have to comment on how beautiful the trailer looks. Godzilla helmer, Gareth Edwards knows how to make an aesthetically pleasing film, and has become a master of suspense, and building tension. The trailer feels very nostalgic. We open with a very light and slow version of the score from A New Hope, that takes us back to a galaxy far far away. The teaser was careful enough not to give us any peaks at characters that we already know from former films, but keeps it fresh and original with unique new individuals we can chew on. While it would have been nice to see a Darth Vader’s, heavy breathing and menacing over the rebellion, we also love that they are saving him for later marketing, and giving us something to look forward to.

Regarding the trailer itself, we open with Felicity Jones’ Jinn (not sure if that is how it is spelled) as she is being chastised for her wild behavior only to perfectly respond with a line that will echo in the heads of fans “This is a rebellion isn’t it, I rebel.” We then get short glimpses of just how Jinn rebels, as she kicks storm trooper ass up and down. Jinn is then provided with her mission, and we get our first look at the arching plot of the film, she is mean to steal the plans to the death star, to assist the rebellion in destroying it. This is where the trailer kicks into high gear. We would be remiss if we did not make mention of how incredible and menacing Ben Mendelsohn’s nefarious unknown villain looks. Perhaps he is a certain Admiral Thrawn from legends? We can only hope. We then proceed into a montage of awesome character glimpses, where we see Jinn alongside Diego Luna’s character, also we get a glimpse of Forest Whitaker, and he continues the voice over begging the question of what will you do if you are caught, culminating in an eerie question sternly posed “What will you become?” We also get a first look at Donnie Yen in his undisclosed role. One particularly eye brow raising image, is of a cloaked figure entering a room with two red guards, could this be Vader?? Or is it Jones posing as the ultimate villain?

The end of the trailer sees Jinn in all black imperial gear, almost looking like a morphed storm trooped or perhaps a Vader forgery. While the trailer spelled no signs of fellow stars Alan Tudyk, Mads Mikkelson, or Riz Ahmed, we did get our first look at many key characters. This feels like a Star Wars film, but not in the traditional sense. It feels much darker than any Star Wars film since maybe The Empire Strikes Back. It has the gritty war torn feel that we were promised, and it feels very epic. The score, the visuals, it all feels like we are returning to a world long forgotten. This is what Star Wars is all about, and aside from maybe the Han and Chewie scene in the first Force Awakens trailer, this teaser is superior to The Force Awakens teaser in seemingly every way.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story will release on December 16th 2016, and one thing is for sure, this trailer will have us losing sleep, pining for that date to come.

So what do you guys think of the first trailer for Rogue One? Drop a comment and let us know what you think!