As we mentioned in our last posting we have taken some time off for some rest and relaxation after the recent move. We made a few site tweaks, but mainly we were looking for some refreshing new ideas to for new content. We have come up with a few things that we are going to try in hopes that you guys out in Bro Nation will enjoy them. Below you’ll find a few new featurettes we plan on implementing starting next week!

Box Office Weekly:


Bro Knows is going to break down the weekends box office every Monday. We will go ahead and discuss the numbers, what opened and what didn’t, and any other box office news that week! Check out Box Office Weekly for the latest on the numbers!

Mini Reviews:


Reviews are the longest most time-consuming pieces we do here at Bro Knows, and with limited resources, we unfortunately don’t get to review everything that we’d like for our readers. The way we plan to solve this problem is by creating mini reviews. They won’t be nearly as in-depth as our main reviews but for smaller films and for VOD/DVD/Netflix movies, we will finally have a way of bringing the reviews for a much larger number of films but some will just be a more compact format, though are ratings system will remain. Think Bro Knows Movies in 500 words or less!

Top 5 Fridays:


Top 5 Fridays will provide you with a bevy of movie related top 5 lists. From the top 5 worst genre films to the top 5 best directors etc.. The goal is to make fun little lists, because who doesn’t love making lists right?

Netflix Picks:


Another list featurette here this time it’s all about everyone’s favorite digital streaming site, Netflix. The goal here is to simply provide you the best Netflix content of the week. This is particularly different because we re not going to limit ourselves to strictly movies here, and we will actually open up out Netflix segments to include TV shows featured on the site. Bro Knows is taking one small step toward conquering the realm of television so be sure to check it out!

Bro Knows Movies Half Way There Awards:


This is going to be a limited run, but to celebrate our return after the small hiatus we are going to do something interactive that we hope you will love. We are essentially creating our own awards! The half way there awards are all about the best o the best this year so far. We will be posting the categories and nominees soon and the goal will be to set it up so that you guys out in Bro Nation can vote on the nominees and pick your favorites. Shortly after will announce the winners, but we just thought this would be a fun little interactive way to reintroduce ourselves after the time off.

On top of all else we will of course bring you all the same old content we have before. This will of course include our full reviews, Trailer Spotlight, and all of our news updates. So we hope that you’ll like the new more steady content along with our current set up. The reason for posting this here now is to give you guys a heads up on what you have to look forward to, but also to get your feedback on what you guys all think on the new features. It’s all about you Bro Nation, we need to know what you think! Let us know, drop a comment and give us your feedback. See you Soon!