We are seemingly in a perpetual state of reboots/sequels/reimaginings of old dormant franchises. We are met with few original ideas that carry behind them any real investment from studios. That said the idea behind the new Predator film directed by the Kiss Kiss Bang Bang helmer Shane Black, is one that should induce excitement. Shane Black had more than a hand in the original Predator, starring a young Arnold Schwarzenegger, and also came back to help pen the 2014 film that ended up as a sequel to the original instead of a reboot. Black said of the sequel that “Why start over when you have all this rich mythology to mine?” Well apparently they haven’t given up on that mythology and elected for another sequel. Well we now have our very first promo image via the Official Predator Facebook Page with the caption “Here we go again.”

Check out the poster!


Definitely a poster as the film is still in pre production and doesn’t even have a cast yet. That said, this post is awesome. The tag line is clever, and the image is menacing. With Black at the helm who most recently wrote the upcoming film The Nice Guys, which looks fantastic, Predator is off to a promising start and this image is proof. The hope is that this new iteration will redeem the franchise from its last version which was not well received.

So what do you guys think of the promo poster? Are you excited for the Predator reboot? Drop a comment and let us know what you think.

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