Video game movies have historically struggled. Unless you basing your film off of Mortal Combat, you might be in trouble. 2016 was hoping to alleviate that with titles like Warcraft (check out our review HERE) and the upcoming Assassin’s Creed, but Warcraft didn’t quite deliver. Well the good news is that studios are not shying away from this genre, and are still working on mining it for great stories. Enter Shawn Levy’s Uncharted adaptation. Uncharted Is a wildly popular video game surrounding a sort of Indiana Jones-esque character going off on insane missions. It’s a modern iteration on the classic archeologists adventure.

Deadline is reporting that Levy is in fact taking the helm of the film for Sony Pictures, and Joe Carnahan has penned the latest version of the script. There isn’t any casting news as of yet nor is there any news on a production start date. All we have right now is Levy announced to direct, Sony is the studio backing, and we have a number of producers pushing this through post production. With some luck, we will get some casting news in the next few months, and production will start sometime next year.

So far no news on which story Sony has chosen to adapt. There are 4 video games in the the Uncharted series, and it stands to reason they will start at the beginning, but they could also go the route of Assassin’s Creed and develop their own story around the basic IP. If they do stick to the linear narrative of the games then be prepared for them to implement Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune’s plot points in the film. Hopefully we will get more info in the coming weeks, now that we have a director, production will likely move into casting soon.

Check out the trailer for Drake’s Fortune and the latest game trailer A Thief’s End.