Batman v Superman has raised a lot of questions and has caused quite a stir. With a barrage of dream sequences and cameos, the cinematic universe began to take shape. We are in a world where Batman and Superman reside in the same universe for the first time ever. Now it’s time to move forward into the Justice League and one of the many members is Cyborg, and Zack Snyder has given some insight behind the half man half machine.

This article has spoilers!

Ray Fisher made his first appearance as Victor Stone, The super athlete turned superhero. Cyborg is the half man half machine with the technopathic abilities, giving him the ability to mind meld with various technology and machinery. In the reveal scene for Cyborg we are introduced to the Mother Box, which is what gives him his power. Snyder confirmed this in an interview with EW.

“That’s the first glimpse of the Mother Box there. It was an agonizing birth.”

The Mother Box, for those that are unaware, is a mysteriously powerful alien technology that is utilized in the comics by the New Gods. It’s basically a super computer with the power to instill abilities in others that it it inhabits in order to protect the host. Snyder goes into some detail about Cyborgs greater involvement in the universe going forward.

“I really wanted to show Cyborg’s birth because I feel like he plays such a strong part coming up, and I really wanted to give a sense of him. I really want [the audience] to know how far he’s come.”

The Mother Box seems to carry with it larger implications towards the emergence of Darkseid as well. As previewed in the deleted scene that dropped earlier, Luthor learns of the technology via the archives on Zod’s ship, and we get a glimpse of Steppenwolf and the boxes in that sequence, explaining why Luthor makes the reference to Darkseid at the end of the film, and the mother box with the ping ping comments.

While no official word has been given regarding the villain for Justice League, it is easy to surmise that Darkseid is the big man being alluded to throughout Batman v Superman. All will be revealed in the upcoming Justice League movie on November 17th 2017.

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