Big Time News


As most of you have likely already seen the new trailers for Star Wars The Force Awakens and Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice. Wow! Just wow! this is the most epic day for movie trailers in the last 10 years.

Star Wars is currently hosting their celebration weekend, and during the panel JJ Abrams and Kathleen Kennedy deciding to drop the new trailer. Oh boy did they drop a bomb! This is Star Wars! This is the Star Wars that the prequels failed to deliver. From the Millenium Falcon maneuvering through the thrusters of a decrepit death star, to the sound clip that opened the trailer of Luke SkywalBVS4ker discussing the force, then the ultimate image of Chewie and Han standing up and saying “We’re home.” Nothing can be more epic than that final image. This is truly one of the best and biggest trailers to come out in a while. This movie might be terrible, but of this trailer is any indicator than this is going to be truly Epic Bro!


BBVS6atman v Superman had their first trailer leak yesterday as well. This one is unfortunately not on purpose and is of cam quality, but holy crap! This teaser trailer is far better than I could have ever dreamed of. The trailer is dark and edgy and absolutely wonderful. While not as good as the Star Wars trailer that dropped today I would argue that it is better than the Star Wars teaser trailer that dropped in december.

You be the judge which trailer were you more excited to see: Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice or Star Wars The Force Awakens. Whoever loses we all win, in a great day to be a movie fan! Vote for your favorite below!