Star Wars news is basically going to become a weekly segment, since we seemingly dedicate a large portion of time to reporting on it all. Well we have some more cool Star Wars news for you again this week, and here is the run down for it all!

The Young Han Solo movie has a new front runner for it’s lead role!

Recently we dropped some news about the new shortlist that dropped featuring three prominent stars vying for the coveted role with Jack Reynor, Taron Egerton and Alden Ehrenreich. Well apparently we have a new front runner for the role and that is none other than Hail Caesars Alden Ehrenreich! A lot of you may be hearing crickets, and are probably googling the name and struggling to pronounce it. Well the actors credits aren’t exactly full of blockbusters, or even really any good movies, he was the brightest spot in the poor Coen Brothers effort Hail Caesar, and has been solid in every single role he has appeared in, he’s just been in some real stinkers like Stoker and Beautiful Creatures. That said he is a talented guy, and perhaps the fact that he is probably the least recognizable of the three is paying a role in him being the frontrunner, they may not want someone like Egerton, who is becoming quite the star, to be larger than the role and distract viewers.

Star Wars The Force Awakens wins big at the MTV Movie Awards!

So MTV has these uber prestigious awards for film.. Okay so they aren’t so prestigious and are pretty much completely and ridiculously pointless, and are a waste of most people’s time. Anyway, Star Wars crushed it at the faux awards show bringing in 3 major awards, including best movie, for which is was running against such real gems of cinema like Jurassic World and Furious 7. So yea.. Also Daisy Ridley and Adam Driver brought home individual performance awards. While the awards are a big joke, we did get some cool news from Daisy Ridley on the red carpet. When asked if the Rogue One character played by Felicity Jones, Jynn Erso, is her mother in the cinematic universe, Ridley responded by quickly and concisely shooting that nonsense down. So for those thinking that, please stop, and understand that not everyone in the Star Wars verse has to be related to someone else.

We may have a casting for Darth Vader in Rogue One, or at least who will be in the suit.

Look, we all know that James Earl Jones is the voice of Vader, and will always be the voice of Vader until he is no longer on this earth. That said, we may know who the guy that’s going to be walking around in the Vader suit. Spencer Widing, who had a minor role in Guardians of The Galaxy as the blue prison guard that stole Star Lord’s cassette player. This might be the most monumentally inconsequential casting in movie history. While it’s fun to talk about, does it really matter who is in the suit walking around? Nope! It’s all about James Earl Jones as the voice, but this is still good fun to report on. It should be said that this is not official but sources have Widing as the man in the suit on set for Rogue One.

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