So, The remake to the cult favorite The Crow has been one of those projects that for whatever reason can’t get any footing whatsoever. The last time we heard anything from this film’s pre production was that their lead actor and director had both departed for the 100th time. The title character formerly portrayed by the late Brandon Lee, was rumored to be played by Luke Evans, Tom Hiddleston, Jack Huston and James McAvoy, further proving that british actors are better in every way. This project has been as cursed as it’s subject matter. After the musical chairs with the leads and directors, the studio actually filed for bankruptcy. Yes the very studio set to produce the film folded. There has never been more signs to just give up and move on in Hollywood history! This is the most insane timeline of events for a production ever.

Even after all that nonsense, the hopelessly optimistic comic creator James O’barr insisted that this film was going to be made, why? We have no idea, but he has been adamant. Welp, turns out this movie might actually get made. Deadline has now reported that there might be a light at the end of this very long, very dark tunnel. The report indicates that Corin Hardy will in fact remain on to helm the project, but there are still a slew of obstacles to overcome to get this film out of development hell, and another studio may have to step in as a financial partner to the deal. For now there is no official word on a production start date so the movie is still in the developmental stages but we may be seeing some progress in the near future, or maybe not, who really knows with this movie, it’s a total crapshoot at this point.