It’s no secret that Star Wars The Force Awakens is a smash hit. People all around the world are rejoicing in the triumphant return of the long beloved franchise that spawned a generation of fans to relish over content for 30 plus years. What Abrams did for Star Wars and for fans alike was nothing short of a miracle. restoring the faith in the franchise after the dreaded prequels and bringing back all of our favorite characters to boot! Slowly but surely Star Wars has been dominating the box office and week in and week out and after breaking pre-sale and opening weekend records, has officially crossed $2 billion worldwide! Yes you heard that right, Star Wars is now more profitable than all of Central America!

The Force Awakens is now just the 3rd film to cross $2 billion, and is slowly catching the second film in all time box office, Titanic. Meanwhile James Cameron is off somewhere sipping champagne, knowing how truly unlikely it is for his film Avatar to be dethroned as the lone box office champ at $2.79 billion. The fact that this film is as profitable as it is has to have Rian Johnson. the director of the upcoming Episode VIII salivating. At this point he could probably just film Luke Skywalker hanging out with a force ghost of young Anakin, yucking it up with Jar Jar Binks, and it would still make a billion dollars. Only time will tell what will happen with Episode VIII and who knows where The Force Awakens will finish, but as of right now the team behind the reintroduction of the franchise is relishing in their glory. Disney chairman Alan Horn had this to say regarding the film crossing $2 billion:

“This is a historic moment for Star Wars, for Lucasfilm, and for Disney, and all of us here are extremely gratified to be a part of this journey with fans around the world who have made Star Wars: The Force Awakens such an extraordinary success…The film’s achievements are truly astounding, and it’s our great honor to relaunch this cinematic galaxy not only for all the devoted decades-long fans but for a new generation who will keep the Star Wars legacy alive for many years to come.”

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