Have you ever truly wondered what it would be like if Wes Anderson decided to make a horror film? Us either, but it would probably defy typical conventions. It’s been a couple days since we were provided a magical short by way of Anderson and H&M, but we need more Wes Anderson in our lives any way we can get it. Enter the movie The Witch. This is probably the best horror film of the year, and one of the best films this year period. So what happens when The Witch, the most ominous and emotionally gut wrenching films this decade, is given the Wes Anderson treatment? It proves that music and editing really can make a movie something completely different.

The Witch is not the first film to be Andersonized, and definitely won’t be the last. His style is so distinct and unique, it’s a hilarious exercise to reimagine titles that are tonally the polar opposite, into that universe. Even SNL did a skit back in 2013 with Edward Norton and Alec Baldwin imagine what life would be like if Wes Anderson made a horror film. The skit is titled The Midnight Coterie of Sinister Intruders, and it’s a must watch. Now we get to see The Witch reimagined, and you’ll never look at Black Phillip the same way again.

Check out the mixed trailer here!

Anderson has in the past said it would be interesting to make a horror film, so maybe we will get one one day, although it’ll definitely still have that Anderson panache. For the time being this will do, and will continue to hold us over till the next great Anderson classic hits cinemas.

Check out the skit form SNL here as a bonus!