The saddest day in cinematic history may be coming sooner rather than later. First we get Joss Whedon stepping away from the marvel universe, then Hans Zimmer announces he will no longer be scoring superhero films, and now Tom Hiddleston hints at his last hurrah as the fan favorite Loki. Hiddleston burst onto the scene as Loki in the first Thor movie, and has become the best villain in superhero film history (say for maybe Heath Ledger’s Joker). Since his debut, he has appeared in Avengers, Thor 2, and soon to be Thor 3, and would have been in Avengers Age of Ultron but was cut out of the film’s final edit. Hiddleston mentioned in an interview with The Daily Beast, that Thor Ragnarok would likely be his last go round as the famed villain.

“Thor 3 will be cool because I’ve not done it for four years. I love working with Chris [Hemsworth]. This will be my last time out of the gate.”

He says probably because when asked if he would make an appearance in Infinity War her responded with:

“I don’t know! Honestly, I don’t know. They haven’t got their ducks in a row yet. They make it up as they go along.”

Director of the third and fourth Avengers films Joe and Anthony Russo mentioned that they were playing around with a host of different characters to place in those films, so Hiddleston could make an appearance in those as well, but as of right now, Thor Ragnarok could very well be the characters swan song. Hiddleston is the fan favorite, not only for his incredible performance, but also for his passion with the fans, made all too real when he donned the costume to the joy of fans at the Comic-Con Hall H panel a couple years back. If this is indeed his final goodbye then we are saddened at the loss of a great character and we are excited to see what he has in store for us to end his tenure.

So what do you guys think of the news surrounding Hiddleston’s Loki? Are you excited for Thor Ragnarok? Drop a comment and let us know what you think.