Thor was noticeably absent from Civil War, which begs the question, where has the Asgardian been? We got a glimpse into the average everyday life of the norse god with then hilarious where are they now video that featured Thor as the flat mate from hell. We now have the part 2 to that segment, which features the Avenger’s difficulties in making rent.

Check out the video here!

Knowlege is not power! My body is all muscle and so I am smarter than you. Chris Hemsworth flexes his comedic muscles in the newest clip and it is hilarious. The assertion that his formally owned items will sell like hotcakes because he is a celebrity mixed with the statement about the muscle being a brain and he is clearly covered in brains is priceless. This is comedic gold and it’s all in the name of promoting the Doctor Strange blu ray release.

This is just another tease that has us extremely excited for the impending release of Thor: Ragnarok. But the ultimate question is, will Darryl, Thor’s roommate have a cameo in the movie?