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Hello Bro Nation, and welcome to first edition of our Top 5 segment where we make lists for the purpose of ranking movie related items themes and titles. Why you ask? Because making lists is fun and we wanted a reason to rank some stuff for the sheer pleasure of it.

Happy Independence day to all out in Bro Nation. Nothing like taking a day off of work to fire up the grill and light off some fireballs into the night sky. It’s a day to spend with families and honor our forefathers by drinking some cold beers and sitting in the sun doing very little thinking of the men who gave there lives to create a new world for us here in good ole ‘Merica. Well in honor of the special day Bro Knows has decided to kick of the holiday weekend with the top 5 most ‘Murica movies out there. Yessir it’s all about the patriotic films that show us the kind of feverish imperialistic nationalism that defines America.

5) The Patriot


I mean come on it has the word “patriot” in the damn title! This little revolutionary war film starring the much maligned Mel Gibson and the late Heath Ledger is a no brainer for any list revolving around American pride. Not exactly the most well received film critically, it still has a presence of pure unabashed nationalism solely based on it’s subject matter. Were talking about two plus hours of loosely factual history surrounding our nation’s birth. The Patriot is all about the day that we are celebrating this weekend, so turn it on this weekend and toast a cold one to ‘Murica with The Patriot.

4) Born on The 4th of July


While slightly more depressing than any other film on this list, Born on The 4th of July is undoubtedly patriotic in nature. Showing a different side to the consequences of Battle Tom Cruise plays a wounded veteran that comes home bound to a wheelchair after fighting over seas. Oliver Stone created this following his Masterpiece Platoon and it did not disappoint. Tom Cruise provides an alternate take on patriotism by standing up or what you believe in. Cruise also provides one of the most impressive cinematic speeches in this film. While Born on The 4th of July is a little heavy handed, it’s also heavily patriotic. ‘Murica!

3) Glory


Another great piece of American history sealed in cinematic form, Glory is one of the most patriotic and meaningful films in the last 30 years. With all this nonsensical internet debating surrounding the confederate flag it’s important that we recall what that flag meant and why there is so much malice behind it’s portrayal. Glory is film that gives us an inside look at the first entirely black platoon of soldiers in the North during the Civil War. With an incredible cast including Denzel Washington Morgan Freeman and Matthew Broderick, This is a film of cultural and national significance that will remind us how far we’ve come as a society and country, but still show us how far we still have to go.

2) Independence Day


Yes you read that correctly, Independence Day should be on any top five list involving nationalism! Bill Pullman’s presidential pre war pump up speech alone should have a separate entry on this list. It’s all about Goldblum Smith and Pullman vs a band of foreigners, I mean “Aliens” that threaten our borders, I mean The earth. No matter what the undertones or alternate connotations that may come with this fine piece of popcorn munching fun, it’s tough to deny it’s awesome sense of ‘Murica pride.

1) Forrest Gump


This should come as no shock to anyone, Forrest Gump has to be the most patriotic Nationalistic ‘Murica film of all time. Essentially a road map through our nation’s history as told by everyone’s favorite Hanks character, Gump is without question bursting at the seams with America juice. From Alabama football to the Vietnam War and into the civil rights movement, Forrest literally provided and illiad like journey through the years to give audiences one sweeping epic jam packed with events that will leave any red blooded American howling at the screen. It’s just one fantastical effort and is full of heart, pride, and some Lieutenant Dan! Let’s tip one back to good ol’ Gump and his buddy Bubba!

So thats all for this week Bro Nation. What did you guys think of our first Top 5 Friday? What movies do you think we missed if any? Do you agree or disagree with this list? Drop a comment and let’s start a discussion! Happy Birthday ‘Murica!!!