Trailer Spotlight: Creed

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The Rocky Franchise is easily one of the most epic of all franchises. 6 films in and it hasn’t seemed to lose any steam as of yet, well as long as we ignore Rocky V. The announcement of the furthering of the franchise earlier this year in the form of Creed was an exciting one. Now we finally have our first trailer for the upcoming boxing epic and it’s incredible.

The idea that Michael B. Jordan would be playing Apollo Creed’s son in a new instalment that essentially turns Rocky into Mickey as Adonis Creed’s trainer. The story will center on Adonis Creed who carries some resentment and a giant chip on his shoulder having never known his famous father, who unfortunately died in the ring back in Rocky IV (Screw you Drago). With some serious attitude Adonis clearly has a big head about how he is all self made and is affected by individuals that disrespect him for coming from a life of privilege so he feels the need to prove himself.

Then of course the mood of the trailer shifts when we see that Adonis has made his way into Rocky’s restaurant and we finally get to see the two together. It’s clear that this i going to be less of a Rocky movie and more Creed. The trailer features Jordan heavily, while Stallone certainly has a few seminal moments and some inspirational lines, it’s clear this is Jordan’s movie all the way.

Check out the Trailer!

Chills! This trailer gives us chills. It’s amazing to see Stallone back in action in all his glorious Rocky-ness. The sight of Michael B. Jordan as Adonis Creed is exhilerating. Just knowing that a talent of his magnitude is going to be showcased in a film that will utilize him and give him some much needed credibility and spotlight is fantastic. This trailer is epic and it builds the excitement for the film better than we could have ever hoped!

So what do you guys out in Bro Nation think of the new trailer for Creed? Are you excited for the movie? Drop a comment and let’s start a discussion.