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Trailer Spotlight: Free State of Jones

The Trailer for the latest Matthew McConaughey film has finally arrives in all its patriotic glory.

The Trailer for the Free State of Jones has officially dropped and our reaction is very positive. The film has an incredibly interesting and powerful premise, and it’s based on true events.

Check out the Trailer below!

There is certainly a lot of imagery to soak in from one trailer, but the film does look impressive from the limited footage we get here. While it might be doubtful that this will be an Oscar worthy movie given its release being so early in the year, that doesn’t diminish the epic scope this trailer portrays.

Check out the synopsis for the film here:

During the Civil War, a Southern farmer (Matthew McConaughey) joins forces with a group of slaves to lead a rebellion against the Confederacy.


Free State of Jones is Directed by Gary Ross and currently slated for a May 13th, 2016 release.

What did you guys think of the trailer? Are you excited for the film? Drop a comment and let us know what you think.