Trailer Spotlight: Joshy


Thomas Middleditch is coming off of sweet success with season 3 of Silicon Valley, and his awkwardness doesn’t need to stop there. The first trailer for the Sundance hit directed by Josh Baena, Joshy, is now here, and shows Middleditch as the title character, with a whole new crazy batch of guys, doing wild and crazy things. Adam Pally, Alex Ross Perry, Nick Kroll, Brett Gelman, Aubrey Plaza and Jenny Slate also feature in the trailer, but other famous faces in the film not shown just yet include Lauren Graham, Alison Brie, and Jake Johnson.

Check out the trailer here!

The trailer for the film is simple enough, laced with brezen charm and some decent humor. It feels very warm and inviting while at the same time being childishly depraved. The endless bachelor party, which is just an excuse for debauchery seems the perfect backdrop for this cast with a specific talen based skill set for subject matter such as this. While it’s college brand humor is certainly off color, it never eclipses the fever pitch of films like Search

Party or Project X. The plot specifics are left enigmatic, as the reason for Joshy’s depression behind his cancelled nuptials is left unsaid, which creates an intriguing atmosphere that makes me want to see more. Plus the cast is pretty great, from Nick Kroll to Aubrey Plaza, and the always enchanting Jenny Slate.

Look for Joshy in theaters on August 12th and streaming exclusively on Hulu following the film’s theatrical run.