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Trailer Spotlight: Me Before You

Every once and awhile a film comes along that just sucks the air right out of the room, and topples you over with emotion. Well today friends, that film is Me Before You. The first feature trailer for the upcoming love story has dropped, and it’s part Nicholas Sparks, part Theory of Everything, and all emotional. This is the film adaptation of the wildly popular Jojo Moyes romance novel. that is set to star Emilia Clarke and Sam Claflin as the leads. The movie will center on Clarke’s character who begins a caretaker, albeit an under qualified one, to a quadriplegic man. As the two get to know one another a romance begins to blossom in spite of the health issues the young man is facing, he looks to this young woman as motivation to keep battling for his life.

Check out the Trailer!

Just the synopsis alone is enough to melt your heart and bring a swell of tears to your eyes. Fans of the book will be quite excited, and while the trailer has a bit of a manipulative tone to it, this does still feel like a sincere emotional love story that could provide honest moments. Thea Sharrock will make her feature directorial debut here, after spending most of her time as theater director and more recently with television directing Call The Midwife and The Hollow Crown. If her background in theater is any indicator to her success in film, this is sure to be an incredible start to her career.

So what do you guys think of the first trailer? Are you excited for Me Before You? Drop a comment and let us know what you think.

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