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Trailer Spotlight: Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates

Every once and awhile we get a trailer for a film that begs the question, why? Why on earth did anyone think this was a good idea? Who decided this was going to be a good movie? Well look no further than the trailer for the next Zac Efron frat boy comedy Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates. Zac Efron’s agent, is either a complete moron, or really hates his client, because this is more of the same. In the vein of Dirty Grandpa, Mike and Dave follows two idiot party animal brothers who are being forced to bring dates to their sister’s wedding, and they go looking for wholesome girls to take to hawaii for the event. Enter 2 promiscuous party animal girls looking for a free trip to hawaii! This trailer is so bland, that it is hard to discern this footage from that of a Dirty Grandpa, or even a Neighbors. Adam Devine and Anna Kendrick join Efron and Aubrey Plaza, and it doesn’t matter because it all just looks so dumb.

Check out the Trailer:

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates stars Zac Efron, Adam Devine, Aubrey Plaza, Anna Kendrick, Stephen Root, and Sam Richardson and is releasing on July 8th, god help us all.

What do you guys think of the trailer for Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates? Are you excited for the movie? Drop a comment and let us know what you think.