Trailer Spotlight: Fantastic Four

FF1This has been the best weekend for movie trailers in a very long time. It all started with Star Wars then Batman v Superman, now we have the second trailer for the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot. The first was a big success for a teaser. Showing us a basic overview of the plot and our main characters, the teaser felt like a sci-fi horror movie, more so than a comic book film, the new trailer shifts gears again. Finally giving us some dialogue and back story, we see some of the character interaction and get a glimpse into the chemistry of the cast. We even get our first look at Toby Kebbell as “Doom”. That being said I was not particularly thrilled. They seemed to get away from that horror-esque style I thought worked so well in the teaser and gave us a very standardized Marvel super hero trailer. The problem is, I was hoping for something different, and I don’t think that is what we are going to get. So What do you people out in Bro Nation think? Below are both trailers, which one do you like more? Drop a comment or a like and share your thoughts!

Teaser Trailer

Full Trailer