Trailer Spotlight: Jurassic World

JW1This past weekend has been the biggest weekend for trailers in recent memory. Between the Star Wars and Batman v Superman Trailer, we were also given a slew of new indie trailers for some of Bro Knows most anticipated small films of the year. Well today the fun continues as the newest theatrical trailer for the upcoming Jurassic World was just released. The first two were solid and gave us a nice look at Chris Pratt in his starring role, and a glimpse into the renovated setting of the park. This trailer digs deeper into the story. We get our first look into the genetically engineered super dinosaur and get to hear a little more from Pratt’s character. A much more menacing vibe than it’s predecessors, this one feels like a Jurassic Park style movie. The marketing has been solid for this film and this trailer only helps to build excitement. What did you guys out in Bro Nation think of the new Jurassic World trailer? Comment and share what you thought! Jurassic World releases everywhere June 12th.