Ok so this isn’t exactly a trailer, just a teaser to the trailer, which is so ridiculously arbitrary. We are given the exciting tidbit that a full trailer will come on Sunday, which begs the question WHY COULDN’T WE JUST GET A FULL TRAILER TODAY? Either way, the story behind The Mummy, and the new universal monster movie universe in development is pretty cool. They have brought in a lot of big stars to fill out the cast, including Tom Cruise in this one. It’ll be interesting to see Cruise on a horror-esque movie. One thing is for sure, there will be many a scene of Cruise at full sprint. 

Check out the trailer here! 

The teaser is cool, but it’s just a teaser to a trailer. That concept needs to die slow and painful. The images are all pretty cool, and it does ramp up some excitement for the full trailer and eventually the film. Check back with us Sunday when we have a full trailer spotlight for the full trailer of The Mummy.