Trailer Spotlight: The Good Dinosaur

good dino Hello Bro Nation! It’s safe to say that Disney and Pixar have cornered the market for amazing animated features. With Inside Out performing quite well this summer so far, and a lot of people’s favorite to win the best animated picture at this years Oscars, Disney has already struck gold. However that won’t be the only Disney animated feature set to release this year. The Good Dinosaur is the next animated feature from the studio and it’s set for release this thanksgiving, and now we have our first trailer for the film, and it will probably make you a little misty eyed.

Check out the trailer!

The film is breathtaking. The visuals are as impressive as we’ve seen in an animated feature. The film follows a young dinosaur out on his own who then comes across a small cave boy. It essentially is turning the man’s best friend scenario on it’s head, but that’s likely to be a small part to a very large film. This has a chance to be the most heart wrenching movie of the year and dare we say, be better than the incredible Inside Out! This is of course all speculative, but based on this trailer, with the visuals and the mini story that was told cinematically in the two minutes of footage we received, there is a chance that this could be truly speacial. The music in is extremely effective and there is just something about this trailer that really speaks to us, this looks like the type of film that can make a late push for the academy awards and is probably the best competition for the award to Inside Out.

So what did you guys out in Bro Nation think of the trailer? You excited for The Good Dinosaur? What do you think of it’s award chances? Drop a comment and let’s start a discussion. bkn1