Well, This is not what we would have predicted. Mel Gibson is being courted to direct the Suicide Squad sequel. According to THR, the Hacksaw Ridge director has been familiarizing himself with the material. The studio is reportedly still keeping options one though, also looking into candidates like Safe House and the upcoming Life helmer, Daniel Espinosa and Zombieland filmmaker, Ruben Fleischer.

So Mel Gibson, who is something of a real life comic book villain, may very well be making a movie surrounding a group of comic book villains. This would be a bold movie by a studio that desperately needs some positive press after all the speculation over Affleck’s cold feet on Batman. David Ayer is currently working on Gotham City Sirens, which is what keeps him from moving on a sequel to the original which he was behind the camera for. Suicide Squad was a very divisive film, which was met with some critical lacerations while blowing up the box office to the sum of $745 million. The societal concern looms over this potential pairing, as Suicide Squad was maligned for it’s ill depiction surrounding the over sexualization of women and it’s issues with racial stereotypes. Mel Gibsons track record surrounding his treatment of women and minorities is.. Well.. Not good. That said, the man is a master filmmaker, as exemplified by the harsh beauty that is Hacksaw Ridge.

Gibson looks to have a busy schedule coming up. He recently signed on to star in the upcoming sequel to Daddy’s Home alongside John Lithgow, and recently locked down a role in the cop drama Dragged Across Concrete, so he’s looking to get back in from of the lens, but it would tough to argue that Gibson’s style isn’t a good fit for a Suicide Squad story. He’s used to directing gritty hard boiled action and is a genius with broad aesthetics. So now it’s just a matter of locking him in to officially direct the film, but it all comes down to fit on both sides. Is gibson going got be okay with playing in someone else’s sandbox when it comes to characters in an existing universe? Well, the DCEU needs some good news fast,so lets hope this is it.