Wes Anderson we miss you so! It feels like it’s been a lifetime since we were treated to the adventurous galavanting of Mr. Gustav and his lobby boy companion Zero in the Grand Budapest Hotel. We long for more delightfully frivolous adventures complete with whimsy and ire. The next Anderson Project isn’t slated to hit theaters until 2018 and this is just way too long to go without his work. The good news is, thanks to H&M, we now have the next Wes Anderson production way ahead of schedule. Okay so it’s just a short film that plays like a bit of advert for the fashion company, but it’s still directed by Anderson and in the vein of his previous projects. The short is titled Come Together, and is all about finding happiness during the holidays under any circumstance, making lemonade from lemons if you will.

Check out the short film here!

This magical little mini movie only ramps up the anticipation for his next feature, but will tide us over for a little while. The short is quintessential Anderson, and even brings in Adrian Brody, an Anderson mainstay to headline. This may only be a commercial for a clothing company, but it’s still a Wes Anderson production and it’s spectacular nonetheless.