Image Via IOD Production
Image Via IOD Productions

Wes Anderson is one of the best filmmakers working today, and his upcoming feature, Isle of The Dogs, Has many fans excited. Not only will it be his return to stop motion filmmaking, which he utilized once before on The Fantastic Mr. Fox, but his last project, The Grand Budapest Hotel, was arguably his best work. We know almost next to nothing regarding the details of his next film, except that its about dogs. Anderson took some time from production to sit down and provide a master-class about filmmaking, moderated by Nicolas Saada and Frédéric Bonnaud, and captured in full by captured by ArteTV.

Anderson digs in on the creative process and what its like to work with big name talent. He unpacks how different stars operate on set, and even goes so far to say that Isle of The Dogs is more inspired by the work of Akira Kurosawa than traditional stop motion pictures. Check out the full hour-long interview below, and enjoy all that is the genius of Wes Anderson.