What is that, Thing?

There has been a whole lot of doubt about the upcoming Fantastic 4 movie, and for good reason. Coming off of two of the worst comic book films ever produced, This film has a lot of negative ground to cover but all the news coming out of production seem quite promising. Going with a younger cast could have posed some problems, but there is no questioning the talent. Michael B. Jordan is easily one the most talented young actors working today, Jamie Bell is “fantastic” in every film he’s in, Kate Mara is clearly talented based on her work in House of Cards, and Miles Teller is coming off of an oscar contending film in Whiplash. The first trailer released looked solid for a teaser and now we get our first clear look at Thing.


This ain’t no Michael Chiklis Thing people this guy is pretty horrid looking. The transformation of Thing has to be gruesome, it helps drives the story and the idea that this character is never going to live any semblance of a normal life. It is this very notion that should motivate Reed Richards, Mr. Fantastic, to try and reverse the effects to assist this helpless soul. The Fantastic 4 has all the makings for a solid, dystopian look at a group of individuals that are ripped from normal lives and made into monsters. It shouldn’t be goofy or campy is should be frightening and come on bro that thing is truly frightening. Images like this get me hyped up to check out this movie.