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San Diego Comic-Con is one of the largest entertainment culture events in the world. It’s where companies go to try to raise brand awareness and gain a competitive edge for their projects. Every year we see movie studios try to outdo each other in an effort to steal the show and be the talk of the convention so there films and properties can be on the forefront of the news cycle and the tip of the fan boys tongues. That being said, who succeeded? who was king of the Comic-Con? How do you really gage that anyway? Well it’s not exactly a quantifiable measurement, so our method of determination is all about three criteria:

(1)  Did you they put on a good show? Some studios just bring in a panel and answer a few questions, but the best of the best put on a show and play to the crowd. These people wait in line for hours just to get a chance to hear what these studios, actors, and directors, have to say about the properties they love!

(2) Did they raise brand awareness in a positive way? What good is going to the Con for advertisement purposes if people leave and still don’t know jack about your project. The whole point is to raise brand awareness and make sure people leave with more insight so they can be your word of mouth and help advertise your film. If people leave confused there is little chance they will help spread brand awareness positively for the studio or feature.

(3) Did the audience respond to their presentation? This is a mixture of the two above. Audience response let’s the studio know if they put on a good show and made sure they were clear and concise in their delivery so people leave excited and ready to spread the word.

With those criteria in mind we set our sights on Comic-Con 2015 to discuss who won, who lost, and who was king of the Con.

Who lost at Comic-Con?

The biggest losers at Comic-Con is.. Comic-Con. Allow us to explain. Over the years this event has absolutely exploded. We’re talking about damn near 150,000 people in one area in one city for one event. With that in mind the convention center in which this event is held, and the city of San Diego, are in no way set up for an event of this magnitude. The event has grown, but the city and convention center have not grown or adapted to accommodate the rise in attendance. This creates serious problems like hotel availability. Currently if you do not buy a room within minutes of the tickets going on sale, you ain’t gettin a room near the convention center, so have fun driving 40 minutes every day. Perhaps the worst of the crowding issues lie within Hall H. Hall H is the biggest room at the Con and where all the major studio panels are held. The problem is that Hall H currently houses about 6,500 people, or about 5% of all Comic-Con attendees. That means that only 5% of the people that buy tickets to the event will actually get to see the panel they likely came to see. That’s just bad business. If they expanded the convention center or moved the Hall H panels to a larger center outside the convention center they might be able to increase ticket sales. So as of right now, Comic-Con and San Diego are the biggest loser fro Comic-Con.

There were also some not so great panels that lot a little here as well. The biggest one that comes to mind is Warcraft. Warcraft is a project that a lot of people were excited to see and hear about, and at preview night the character models were incredible. The biggest obstacle for this film is finding a way to appeal to non-gamers. This is a niche gaming experience and the movie needs to appeal to mass audiences, so Warcraft had to do a good job at giving us enough details to allow us to connect to the film without ruining it, but also to make sure they pleased their loyal fanbase. Well unfortunately Warcraft just left a lot of people really confused. Most left scratching their heads unsure what to make of the panel, which gave very little insight into the actual story. Even the teaser trailer couldn’t save them and the proof is in the tweets!

The Peanuts movie also dropped the ball a bit at the Con. There was no panel but there was a giant inflatable dog house in Petco park that didn’t really connect to well with the attendees. This is Comic-Con not a child’s birthday party after all.

Marvel decided they didn’t want to have a presence at comic-con this year and as a result they get a grade of incomplete. Without showing up at all they allowed their competition to duke it out and also left a sour taste in fans mouths that buy tickets just to hear people like Kevin Feige speak about the next project in the MCU. Sure Marvel is going to make a push at Disney’s D23, but still.. Come on!

Who Won Comic-Con

Fox wowed everyone this year! They brought in a few new projects but one of the biggest was X-Men Apocalypse. The panel was a lot of fun and Brian Singer was even able to produce a trailer after just 5 weeks of shooting! The trailer most pivotal moment was of course the unveiling of Oscar Isaac as the giant evil mutant Apocalypse himself! Plus Channing Tatum showed up to take a massive selfie with the whole panel and answered a few Gambit questions as well.

Fox also had another project at the con that has been garnering tons of buzz with it’s media blitzkrieg! Deadpool was in full force and the panel was electric. Ryan Reynolds was passionate and boisterous as expected, and TJ Miller was hilarious, but the highlight was the trailer! the trailer even prompted the crowd to beg for an encore which Ryan Reynolds commanded be given to them! It’s safe to say that Deadpool wowed everyone and created serious brand awareness and excellent word of mouth.
DC had a couple of properties and some solid announcements but the panel everyone was waiting for was the monster that is Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The panel was fantastic, it was great to see Affleck and Cavill interact and we even got some news about Green Lantern, but the trailer is what stole the show! The BvS trailer was incredible and finally gave us the details we were begging for after the teaser. The trailer was incredible and the panel was solid, chalk it up to a win for BvS and DC.

Star Wars could have won if JJ Abrams just sat there and made Fart noises while the iconic soundtrack played behind him. They didn’t rest on their laurels though and they gave us quite a show. There was no new trailer or scenes shown but we did get a behind the scenes featurette and JJ Abrams brought everyone in the Hall to a spot for a free concert where an orchestra played the iconic soundtrack.. without the fart noises.

John Boyega asks the crowd to do an epic #StarWars selfie. They agree. #sdcc

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Who was the king of Comic-Con?

If you would have told us that DC had two major properties with BvS and Suicide Squad and that the king of the con would be a DC property that wasn’t titled Batman v Superman we would have laughed you out of our sight. Well it appears it’s The Joker who is laughing now. Suicide Squad had an incredible panel where the cast gave a show and director David Ayer commanded attention with every intense word he spoke. Then it happened, the trailer dropped! The trailer that dominated Comic-Con and wowed all those who were there to see it in Hall H. The trailer that featured a maddeningly creepy Jared Leto as the Joker. The trailer that won Comic-Con. Suicide Squad absolutely crushed it and so they are Bro Knows King of the Con!!



So that’s all for us Bro Nation! So what do you guys think? What was your favorite news out of the Con? Do you agree that Suicide Squad was the King? Drop a comment and let’s start a discussion.